As there are more celebrities poured in so that commoners can rub their shoulders with them Bigg Boss getting more interesting with every passing day.  Remember how the host Salman Khan had asked the existing housemates about the arrival of the wild card entrants?  Salman had also warned how these four contestants are the potential threats to everyone. But now the dynamics have shifted and the equations have change dramatically. As the following people could not perform the task they were handed out. Bigg Boss asks them to pack their bags. The visual shows Bani J, who has been one of the strongest contestants of this season, packing her back, all set to walk out of the house. Will she be asked to bid adieu to the show? (This video is quite shocking for Bani’s fans)

Bigg actually announces these four names: Rahul Dev, Elena, Jason Shah and Bani J in the little conference that happens in the the living area. It is quite disheartening to see these contestants packing their bags and get ready to walk out of the house. Of course, it is not clear yet who will be walking out of the house as yet but we are sure it will break our heart to see any of these contestants leaving the show forever. ALSO READ: Shocking! Priyanka Jagga breaks the Manu-Manveer-Mona Lisa group! 

And there will be the regular masala, the dosage of which has gone up ever since a certain Priyank Jagga has entered the show. She is known for creating never ending troubles inside the house and now once again she is at it! Here she is seen unleashing war of words with Mona Lisa. She tries to do a bit of chuglakhori with Mannu that’s when Mona gets to see Priyanka’s intentions. Naturally verbal missiles are shot at each other as the cat fight plays out like no other right in the centre. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 28th November 2016 Day 43 LIVE Updates: Whaat! Swami Om is a THIEF, Priyanka Jagga and Mona Lisa get into a CATFIGHT!


Mona minces no words and complains that she does NOT like Priyanka’s voice. Priyanka in response says that Mona should stay within her limits. Mona then punctuates the whole act by telling Priyanka that she is nobody to tell anyone the other’s person limits.

We are waiting to see this cat fight in tonight’s episode. This drama is will make for an intresting watch!