Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Day 45 LIVE Updates 11.10 to 11:10 pm: Manveer and Sahil get into argument. VJ Bani still is not ready to cycle and she along with Rahul and Jason are sleeping.

Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Day 45 LIVE Updates 10.50 to 11:00 pm: VJ Bani has a problem with everyone as she feels ignored by everyone else in the house. Rahul tries to reason out with her but no avail. She keeps on saying how the whole house has turned against her. She also accuses Lopa of being inconsiderate. Rahul tries to defend Lopa but Bani does not want to here anything of it. Also, she stop cycling and in mates have no food to eat as Bigg Boss switches off the cooking gas supply. VJ Bani lashes out at Lopa.

Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Day 45 LIVE Updates 10.40 to 10:50 pm: Manu gives in and ousts Nitibha out of captaincy task just as Priyanka wanted but he is super irritated by her as she keeps on flirting with him. He snaps at her and bitches about her to Manveer.

Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Day 45 LIVE Updates 10.30 to 10:40 pm: Om Swami starts crying again at the drop of his hat to win. People are amused and so is his Beti, Priyanka. Well, Bigg Boss will ring a gong seven times a housemate has to empty liquid from the test tube. The test tube has every other contestant’s name on it. Gong is rung. All inmates are squabbling. Manveer empties test tube with Sahil Anand’s name on it. Priyanka and Nitibha yell at each other. Lopa and Rohan discuss and say that Mona should be captain but she is unwilling. Just then Manveer and Manu yell at each other, courtesy Priyanka. Priyanka makes Manu drop test tube with Nitibha’s name on it. Manveer is against  the same.Then they negotiate and plot the game.

Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016 Day 45 LIVE Updates 10.20 to 10:30 pm: In mates wake up to no water and electricity. Bigg Bogg announces that the nominated contestants:Bani J and Jason will pedal the cycle round the clock and only then will the Bigg Boss provide water and light to them. Then, a new task is announced called Test Tube Task. The one who wins the task will contest for captaincy with Priyanka jagga who has already been nominated for the same.

Bigg Boss 10 episode has started with a BANG today. According to the announcement, this controversial episode of this reality show started a bit early today. There is a lot to look forward to in this episode. While we are super excited to know who will win the captaincy task today, there will be a lot of drama going on in the house to keep you entertained. Priyanka will create trouble and so will her Baba, Om Swami.

According to the updates we have received so far, Manu Punjabi and Manveer Singh Gurjar will fight and their friendship will end.