The controversial house of Bigg Boss 10 is known to turn friends into foes and vice versa. Just like in film industry, there are no permanent friendships of enmity in this glass walled house. Well, the same will happen to the long standing group of Manveer Singh Gurjar, Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa. While Priyanka Jagga Muise upon her re entry into the house vowed to break this group, the captaincy task held today will cause a rift between these two friends. But will their friendship stand the test? Only time will tell. You log on to for the LIVE updates of the show.

Also, Dhongi Baba Om Swami will create a ruckus while doing the Test Tube he will cry many tears and create drama but will it save him? You will have to wait and watch for the same. Also, after yesterday’s episode Rohan Mehra’s inefficiency as a captain has been once again proved and so, he was dethroned again. Who will be the new captain of the house?

VJ Bani too, true to her record, will refuse to do the pedal task and will NOT perform because she will claim that other housemates do not support her. Today’s episode has a lot of drama and by the looks of it, it will be one hell of an entertaining episode to watch. Do not miss anything that has been happening in the house. Click on for LIVE streaming and updates on your show.

As you know, Rahul Dev, VJ Bani, Jason and Elina Kazan are the nominated contestants and their performance in the coming week will decide whether they will get to stay in the house or shown the exit door.