Priyanka Jagga Muise, after her dhamekedaar entry into the Bigg Boss house, has created unrest among the housemates with her antics. After creating a rift between Manveer Singh Gurjar and Manu Punjabi, she is competing to become the next captain of the house after Rohan Mehra. Will she succeed? Only time will tell. Today, Bigg Boss will start a bit early coz there is surprise in store for us. Stay tuned for LIVE updates and written episode synopsis. There is a new task introduced: The Test Tube task in the house. The Dhongi Baba will cry and shed a few tears in an attempt to win this task and captaincy of the house.

VJ Bani will refuse to do the pedal task on the pretext that she is not getting any support from her fellow contestants. But doesn’t she do this all the time? Will she be the one to be eliminated due to her poor performance?

According to the Test Tube task, the contenders would be given a test tube with any other inmate’s name on it. After interval Bigg Boss will ring a gong in the house after which contestants have to empty the liquid with contestant’s name on it. And the winner of the task is the one whose test tube on his/her name on it is still filled with liquid. Priyanka will sqabble with Nitibha and Sahil Anand during this task. Who will win this task? Please watch the live streaming of this controversial reality show or catch out live updates to get all the dope.ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 30th November 2016, Day 45 preview: Manu Punjabi and Manveer Singh Gurjar’s FRIENDSHIP to end?

After Rohan Mehra who will be the captain and so, safe from the nominations? Stay tuned.  Watch Bigg Boss 10 30st November 2016 Watch Full Episode Online on Voot App: Live Streaming of BB10 Episode 45!