The drama and ugly fights still continue in the Bigg Boss 10 house. Day by day the controversies are becoming intense. Yesterday, housemates were given two tasks, one was a luxury budget task and other was for captaincy. During the luxury budget task, all the basic utilities and amenities of the housemates was taken by Bigg Boss. And to regain them the housemates had to pedal the cycle the whole day. Bigg Boss further came with a new twist in the task and said that the cycle could only be pedaled by 4 nominated contestants, who were there in jail.

For the captaincy task, every housemate except the nominated contestants were given test tube of each other’s name and they have to empty one test tube with a reason as to why that contestant should not become captain. During the captaincy task, Manu had Nitibha’s testube and Manveer had Sahil’s test tube. While Mona’s test tube was with Lopamudra and Gaurav’s test tube was with Monalisa. On the other side, Lopa and Rohan force Mona saying that she should become the captain of the house. But somehow Mona does not agrees to this and she wants Manu to become the captain of the house. She even tells Manu that she does not want Manveer to become the captain and it seems as if Manveer is taking things in a wrong way. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Will Mona Lisa ditch Manu Punjabi for Jason Shah?

Huge fights between best friends Manu and Manveer took place last night. Due to the task a small misunderstanding takes place between Manu and Manveer and they get into an argument with each other. Soon, Manu says Manveer that there is a difference between them and Manveer is shocked listening to this. At the night, Manu confesses that he does not like Priyanka Jagga as she keeps on touching him and she even kissed him again.

Manveer says that Mona is creating difference between him and Manu. Manveer ends their friendship and tells them whatever they did for him thanks for that. It seems as if he cannot handle tantrums anymore. Mona then cries badly and says she wants to go home. What do you think, do lets us know in the comment box below.