This season of Big Boss, we have some really good actors on the show. From Hina Khan to Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra, we have the most fake contestants on Salman Khan’s show. Every episode has Hina Khan crying for sympathy, picking up fights with people or instigating someone and watch the fight, if not that, then Bandgi and Puneesh, who are a next level actors, try super hard to sell their fake love story on national television but they don’t realise that the audience is not stupid and they certainly are not buying this crap.

While the drama inside the house intensifies with each passing day, Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma have been blossoming the house with their romance. They never shy away from PDA and is often seen sharing some coochie-cooing moments when the lights are turned off and trust me, there’s no stopping them. Initially, people thought it could be real and kind of adored the couple but now they have just left their audience shocked.

Recently, Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra were caught on camera making out under the sheets on Bigg Boss 11. Soon as we thought how could the couple go to this extent of proving their fake relationship genuine, they now have been caught on camera talking dirty; Puneesh is seen asking Bandagi to take off all her clothes while under the sheets, while Bandagi tells him that he can’t handle the hotness and asks him for more details. I am sure, these videos have made you cringe. If you have missed this, watch it here:

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Well, this is nothing new for a show like Bigg Boss. Earlier, Gautam Gulati-Diandra Sores, Suyyas Rai-Kishwer Merchant and Keith Sequiera-Rochelle too were caught getting intimate during their stint on Bigg Boss. But now, none of these lovebirds are together; love was over soon after the season ended. Forget together, they aren’t even friends or share a picture together on their Instagram handle, funny isn’t it?

For those, 10 percent people, who believe that Puneesh and Bandgi’s relationship is genuine, let me tell you it’s not. Eliminated contestants from BB 11, who have been on the show confessed that they are just pretending to be in love so as to survive for some more weeks. No doubt, sooner or later, these two will be eliminated (which they themselves know) but are yet trying too hard to stay longer on the show.

I don’t know if faking their relationship is helping them to get people vote for them but I am sure they managed to embarrass their parents with such behaviour and upset their real connections outside the house. Well, it’s too late as Bandgi’s boyfriend has broken up with her already. If Puneesh and Bandgi were really in head over heels love with each other, the two could go to the washroom and express their love for each other rather than displaying their love publicly. Even Salman was disgusted with the two and had warned the couple to not do things that would come across dirty rather than romantic but they do not wake up. Post your thoughts on whether or not this strategy will work for the couple in the comments section below.