Bigg Boss 11 has started with the bang. All those who are ardent followers of the show already know that the drama and the fights are inseparable factors of the show. From the very first weekend ka var, things started getting ugly unlike other seasons. Salman Khan threw out Priyank Sharma, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde cried their heart out and Zubair Khan got eliminated because of his obvious behavior. Even after so much of drama happening in the house, the housemates are refusing to maintain peace. Apart from Hiten Tejwani and the newly entered padosis, others are totally immersed into the fights.

Now the recent one was that between Arshi Khan and Mehjabi Siddiqui. Arshi was declared as the bad queen by Bigg Boss for a task. Since then, there have been spat between Arshi and other housemates constantly. The recent fight she had was with Mehjabi in the kitchen. Now again, kitchen wars are not a new thing for Bigg Boss viewers as they have witnessed it in almost all the seasons. (ALSO READ: MTV Splitsvilla X: Not Priyank And Divya But This Adorable Couple To Win The Season?)

In the recent episode, it happened so that Mehjabi was preparing breakfast along with her fellow padosi Sabyasachi. Arshi came in the kitchen and started making her own food, side by side provoking Mehjabi. Mehjai was furious and went inside the bedroom to complain about this to Luv and Hina. She even accused Arshi of spitting in her tea and both of them had a super ugly fight. Now, is the allegation true or was it just out of animosity, we will soon know in the next episode of Bigg Boss 11.