Puneesh Sharma, from Day 1 on Bigg Boss 11, gave us an impression that he was the typical rich spoilt brat from Delhi, who owns a construction company, invests in nightclubs, is a party animal and falls for beautiful girls. However, in all this, he never gave us the impression that he was married. Yes, Puneesh who has started to get all touchy and feely with his contestant Bandgi Kalra, and who everyone thinks is single, is in fact, married in real life.

A report by Tellychakkar mentions that Puneesh is married. However, he is separated from his wife and has filed for divorce. A source close to him told the entertainment portal, “Puneesh, who is almost 34-year-old, has not only lied about his age at the reality show, he has also hidden his marital status. He is, at present, separated from his wife and has filed papers for divorce.” Apparently, Puneesh’s lavish lifestyle was a major problem with his wife that led to a lot of discord between the two. The source further revealed, “The reason he has separated from his wife and wants a divorce because she couldn’t live up to his playboy lifestyle.”

Apparently, Bandgi’s boyfriend, Dennis Nagpal who is a TV producer is mighty disappointed with his girlfriend’s growing closeness to Puneesh on the show. It’s quite evident from the series of tweets that Nagpal has been posting from his Twitter account since the last few days. Furthermore, he confirmed about Puneesh’s marriage in one of his posts and said that it’s too low for him to get physically close with Bandgi, who’s alost 11 years younger to him.

Well, it would certainly be interesting how far this blooming romance takes the contestants ahead in the game and we hope that the two know they have a lot waiting for them when they get out of the Bigg Boss house. Meanwhile, Sargun Mehta and Manu Punjabi, both Bigg Boss 9 and 10 contestants respectively, are all set to enter the house tomorrow, ie. Friday as panelists. Watch out for this space as we keep you updated with what’s happening on the show.