Bigg Boss 11 is followed by many of the celebs so how can Gauri Pradhan be left alone! BB 11 contestant Hiten Tejwani’s wife and actress Gauri Pradhan was recently asked about all the happenings inside the house. While giving her bits on the same, she talked about her husband Hiten, Arshi Khan’s flirting with Hiten and Hina Khan calling him ‘spineless’. You might be surprised that Gauri was cool as a cucumber while answering these questions and her answers will definitely win your hearts. While most of the celebs are busy slamming and posting sarcastic comments on the housemates, Gauri chose to be diplomatic and gave no-nonsense reactions.

Talking about Arshi’s flirting with her husband, Gauri told IANS, “No, there is no insecurity. I find her quite entertaining. She is so much younger and I think because of this (flirting) a little bit of fun factor is there in the show. I am sure she is doing this for whatever reason because she is in the game and she doesn’t mean anything.”

She was also asked about the incident where Hina Khan called Hiten ‘spineless’. To that, she said, “She is much younger than Hiten and not that experienced and has done only one show. She has to see a lot in life. When you are inside, there is a lot of frustration. Nobody to talk to or to vent… She should have respected him. Adding further about his game, she said, “He is playing very well. He is exactly what he’s outside he’s like that inside. There is absolutely no change in him. He is very non-interfering, calm and patient. I think he is doing very well.” Also Read: Bigg Boss 11 December 7 2017 LIVE Update: Priyank Sharma’s Girlfriend Breaks-up With Him In The House

Well, it is wonderful to see Hiten being calm in the house while his wife Gauri is being composed out of the house. The way Gauri is supporting Hiten makes us want to see her visiting the Bigg Boss 11 house at least once. Do you think the same? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.