Earlier today, we told you that Puneesh Sharma was the first one to get evicted from Salman Khan’s show. Out of the last remaining contestants on Bigg Boss 11, now one more has had his run for the biggest prize ended. The voting lines were closed last night and the votes have now been counted. There was always a tough competition between the remaining contestants, however, there can be only one winner. And the second name to walk out today will be Vikas Gupta.

Vikas has had quite an interesting journey in the Bigg Boss house, with his entrance in the house itself being one big talking point, with Shilpa Shinde, his nemesis also entering the show, and the fireworks began with Day one itself. Moreover, it was the way he dealt with the situations was how he won the hearts of people. Going into the show, the viewers realised just how smart Vikas is, making himself known as the smartest player in the house. ALSO READ: 
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This leaves Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde to be the last two contestants on the show. The last round will be fought off between these two and with the new twist in place, it is set to be the most intense of all. The decision is just a few hours away now and we certainly can’t wait anymore. Keep watching this space for more.