Hina Khan is one of the hottest topics in the Bigg Boss house right now, and the idea of her getting evicted is certainly not on the mind of the makers. This time the ones nominated for eviction are Benafshaa Soonawala,  Sapna Choudhary, and Hina Khan. Only last week Bigg Boss saw a surprise double elimination, meaning they are not looking to offload anyone this week. In fact, the makers are looking to add a twist, that is more often than not seen in the house before.

In an exclusive report on our sister website BollywoodLife.com, A source informs, “There is buzz that Hina Khan might get evicted this week. However, it won’t be an eviction. The makers might put her in a secret room from where she can oversee what is happening inside the house. It is similar to what was done with Mandana Karimi in season nine. In the next round of nominations, it is Luv Tyagi who is most likely to leave the house.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Here’s Why We Cannot Tolerate Hina Khan In The House

This way, Hina Khan will get an outside view of the house, and know what people really think of her inside the house as her departure will make people open up and talk more openly about her in the house. Not that it is not quite evident to her even now, as her behaviour has come under a lot of criticism. For more updates, stay tuned to this space.