After a week of ups and downs on  Bigg Boss 11, it’s time for Salman Khan to settle everything and everyone for the new week ahead. Salman has been very straight forward with a few rules this season. He has very clearly mentioned that the candidates cannot go personal in their fights and that is the only way our candidates know how to deal with unpleasant situations. With Arshi Khan accusing Luv Tyagi for staring at her breasts and the contestants not taking the rules of the game seriously, this week gave lots of issues to Salman. Let’s see how he resolves the fights and get to know if he too is miffed about candidates losing their prize money.

10:15-10:30 Akash digs in to find Priyank’s face and kicks him hard. Arshi serves one Hina Khan for making her the villain. Akash performs Bang Bang for Kapil and makes him smile too. Salman teases Kapil for his English and asks him to translates a few dialogues. With absolute confidence Kapil ruins it all and makes us roll on the floor laughing.

10:00-10:15 Kapil Sharma enters the house and brings new life to them. He brings fan letters for the contestants and reads them out loud. The first letter is a job offer for the bouncer Luv Tyagi and the second one is from the VKNHW (Vikas ke nikale huae workers) expressing their gratitude towards Shilpa for taking their revenge. Kapil gives contestants a chance to kick the people whom they want to give a spine. Sapna gets the first kick and she gives Vikas Gupta the privilege of getting one on the ribs. Priyank twists and turns Puneesh’s hand and rips his head off for insulting his parents.

9:45-10:00 Salman comes to the prized money and mocks the contestants for trying so hard to win the show for just a trophy. He asks Vikas Gupta if it was his idea to get down from the spaceship. Vikas gives Hina’s name to and says that she came up with the idea. Salman quotes Hina again and says that she wanted to be adventurous and hence she had fun. Hina apologises and closes the matter.

Salman comes to Bandgi and Puneesh’s alleged love affair and asks the couple to be very careful. He points out that their parents must be following the show and whatever they do is not looking good on national television. Salman teases the two masterminds Vikas and Hina for losing all the prize money.

9:30- 9:45 Puneesh’s misbehavior also comes to light and Arshi blames Hina Khan for every provocation happening in the house. The contestants bring up everything they fought about and Salman definitely gets miffed. Salman tells the contestants that the entire India is watching each and every move they make and each and every word they utter. Benafsha and Akash apologies to each other and Salman then turns towards Hina Khan. She gets blamed for playing with the contestants like puppets and she explains. Salman quotes Hina and says that she told people to make Akash’s behavior a issue to instigate people.

9:15-9:30 Salman asks the contestants the villain of this week. While everyone gives a name, Arshi Khan blames Priyank for touching her inappropriately and for spitting on her. Bandgi Kalra also points out towards Priyank for talking about her life outside of the show. Last week Salman made a joke about Bandgi’s boyfriend and Bandgi accuses Priyank of continuing the taunts all throughout the week. Priyank goes to the katgarah for being the fighting fuel of the week. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 November 10 2017 Live Updates: Sabyasachi Becomes The New Captain Of The House)

9:00-9:15 Salman Khan comes with a family tree of the contestants with Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde being the heads of the family. Meanwhile in the house, looking at Priyank and Benafsha talking to each other, Hina starts humming a romantic number and makes Ben uncomfortable. Arshi Khan keeps touching a new low while flirting with Hiten Tejwani. In a hilarious night chatting session, Hiten asks Arshi to get married to his brother and leave him alone. The conversation started a laugh riot and we loved every bit of it.