Bigg Boss 11 hasn’t been creating the right kind of noise since its premiere on October 1 this year. On the first day itself, we saw Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta get into a tiff in front of Salman Khan itself. Fans definitely got a preview of what to expect from the coming episodes. However, this week has begun on a very surprising note with arch rivals Shilpa and Vikas sorting their differences out and promising to never fight with one another.Yesterday, on the first day of this week’s nomination task, the gharvales showed immense love and affection for one another. However, we wonder if we could expect the same from them on the second day as well. To expect even a slightest bit of love and affection for their fellow housemates seems quite a big of an expectation from the Bigg Boss 11 housemates. But here’s a task that wants them to sacrifice something special to save someone from nomination. Now that’s not only interesting but also very daunting!

The most respected and sorted contestant of Bigg Boss 11 will be seen raising his voice in the house for the first time. Now that’s surprising, isn’t it? We all know that Hiten is a family oriented man. We all saw how Hiten tore his family picture to save Akash Dadlani. However, in today’s episode we will see him warn Akash to be careful about passing any comments on him. He will also be seen telling Shilpa and Arshi to stay within their limits. Looks like tearing his family picture was the final straw for him. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Are Bandgi Kalra And Puneesh Sharma Stooping Too Low To Be On The Show?)

Coming back to the nomination task, Shilpa Shinde is back in the tower and her arch nemesis Vikas Gupta has the power to save her from nomination this week. The task is simple – he will have to destroy his favorite ‘Lost Boys’ jacket. To the uninitiated, Lost Boys is the Production House started by Vikas and the jacket is a symbol of his success in the industry. In a move that turns heads, Vikas willingly sacrifices his jacket to save Shilpa and the two have a heart-to-heart conversation finally burying the hatchet! What’s more – Vikas also asks Shilpa to promise him that she will work with him on a project once their journey in Bigg Boss comes to an end. Will Shilpa readily sort her differences with Vikas and promise to work with him after Bigg Boss? Now that only time will tell.

From enemies to lovers, the house has seen all kinds of relationships blooming. Puneesh and Bandagi, the love-birds in the house are constantly there for each other and are also seen going to great lengths to protect each other from nomination. Bandagi who is fond of fashion, will be asked to sacrifice all her clothes and make up to keep Puneesh safe in the house. Puneesh on the other hand begs Akash to shave his head to save Bandagi from getting nominated for eviction. Now doesn’t that sound like an interesting episode? Stay tuned to this space as we keep you abreast with the live updates of tonight’s show.