The recent few episodes of Bigg Boss 11 were full of drama and fights. From Priyank Sharma and Zubair’s ouster from the show, the viewers are getting shockers on daily basis. In the last episode, we saw a serious spat between old rivals Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. The fight went to an extent where Vikas broke down into tears. Not only this, he also tried to run away from the house. Also, there was a task where Hiten Tejwani, Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde are King and Queens respectively and the others have to perform the task assigned by them. Now let us see, what happens in recent episode of Bigg Boss 11 in detail.

11.15 pm- 11.30 pm- Sabasyachi, Jyoti, Vikas and Mehjabi sit and mock Arshi and say that she has done PHD. Meanhwile, Bandgi and Puneesh spend some quality time alone and also discuss about the contestants. Puneesh feels that Luv is trying to be close to Bandgi. However, Bandgi denies it. In the next episode, Vikas and Hina will be seen fighting again, this time over the issue of captaincy. Hina will get furious and say that she is not interested in captaincy at all.

10.59 pm- 11.15 pm- Sapna walks behind Arshi singing the song. Mehjabi complains to Shilpa about the property story. Arshi asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room, saying that Sapna is harassing her and threatening her. Shilpa ad Arshi get into their Queen outfits and flirt with King Hiten. The queens keep on talking to Hiten to take them on their own side. Hiten declares that Arshi’s team won the task. All these contestants are nominated for captaincy. Bigg Boss declares that Hiten loses his chance of becoming the captain and  Arshi gets nominated with it. Hina Khan and Hiten talk about the task. Mehjabi and Luv discuss about their padosi secret.

10.40 pm- 10.50 pm– Vi-as says that Mehjabi is a good actress and he appreciates her. She asks Luv and Vikas whether they like girls and will they get married. Meanwhile, Sapna follows Arshi everywhere in the house like a shadow. Vikas also gets to know about Mehjabi’s reality about not being the family member of other padosis. Shilpa and Luv indulge into fight. Sapna does not leave Arshi at all.

10.30 pm- 10.40 pm– Sabasyachi and Mehjabi start their day talking to each other. Akash Dadlani continues flirting with Lucinda as she performs yoga. He also explains to her the song that played in the morning. Shilpa Shinde starts provoking Vikas Gupta for running away. Vikas keeps his calm despite all her words. Arshi Khan and Sapna start their fight. Arshi calls her ‘naachnewali’ and she says that yes i’m ‘naachnewali.’ Sapna complains about this to Hina Khan. Mehjabi accuses Arshi Khan of spitting in the tea. Arshi Khan starts fighting with her.