Bigg Boss 11 has started with dramatic fights and they are only getting murkier day by day. From Priyank Sharma’s ouster to Vikas- Hina- Shilpa’s constant fights, the fans are entertained to the core. Since few episodes, the housemates are seen becoming friends and enemies just in seconds, over the tasks. However, in the recent episode, we will see things changing gradually in the house. The age old rivals Shilpa and Vikas will be seen talking nicely to each other for the first time. Also, Hina will be sent to Kaalkothri. Read bit by bit update of the episode right here.

11.25 pm to 11.30 pm- Sapna gets furious and sprays insecticide on Arshi. Arshi Khan throws away a chair. Vikas Gupta and others asks them not to do so. Hina Khan has asthama problem and she asks them to sleep quietly. Hiten and Vikas mock the nominated contestants.

11. 10 pm to 11. 20 pm- Padosis announce that Arshi will go to Kaal kothri as she is trying to take advantage of the captain. Sargun and Manu say that Hina Khan reacts too quickly. The third housemate nominated is Sapna as she slept during the task. The three have to stay in the underground jail until Bigg Boss makes the next announcement. Arshi provokes Sapna and Hina asks them to not to talk. Arshi says that there are too many insects in the jail sarcastically.

11.00 pm to 11.10 pm- The padosis are asked to discuss in private and announce the nomination. Sargun and Manu say that it was obvious that Vikas would nominate Hina after all that happened. Hina calls Vikas a kaamchor captain and a ghatiya aadmi, worst performer and hypocrite. Sapna, Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde goes against Arshi. Sapna and Arshi get into an ugly fight, Vikas and Hiten try to console. Jyoti and Shivani mata get into a fight. (ALSO READ: Priyank Sharma May Have Said His Last Goodbye To The Bigg Boss 11 House)

10.50 pm to 10.55 pm- Vikas Gupta as captain nominates Hina Khan to go to the kaal kothri. He reasons it saying that Hina Khan is the only one who does not listen to him and is creating problems. Bigg Boss gives special power to padosis to choose one contestant to go the kaal kothri along with Hina Khan.

10.30 pm to 10.50pm- Hina Khan wakes up and starts complaining about Vikas Gupta. Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta have a friendly chat where Shilpa says that he should keep calm and control is anger. Vikas appreciates her and says that she looks pretty. The housemates get an option to ask for groceries. Sargun and Manu discuss about the whole week.  Sargun, Manu and Saurav chat with Sapna’s brother and ask him about Sapna’s behaviour. Sargun says that Hiten should have been an ideal captain.