In Bigg Boss 11 house, relationships seldom remain the same. Well, while everyone’s equation has undergone a sea change since the time they entered the show, the biggest transformation being that of Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta‘s relation who went from being arch rivals to the best of friends, the bond between Arshi Khan and Shilpa on the other hand went south. Things between them was affected after Shilpa and Vikas buried their hatchet and became friends. Things began to sour, when Akash Dadlani, couldn’t take their sudden closeness and joined hands with Arshi against Shilpa. Together they kept passing mean comments on Shilpa. And now when Akash wants to befriend Shilpa once again, the cold war between the two ladies doesn’t seem to end on the show.

Well, of late Arshi did try to patch things up with Shilpa and even apologised for her behaviour but the latter refused to accept her apology and said that she could never forgive her. Well, we got out hands on an unseen video of the show, which plays testimony to the fact that things are unlikely to get pacified between the two anytime soon. In the video, we see Arshi, Puneesh Sharma and Shilpa having a conversation in the kitchen. This conversation seems to have taken place before the luxury budget task, BB Day Care, began. Puneesh is seen requesting Bigg Boss to make him the sanchalak as his hand is paining. To this, Shilpa is seen as saying, that Bigg Boss will never send kids to the house as there are “junglee” people in the show. Arshi too is seen giving it back to Shilpa saying, “yahaan bekaar auratein hai.”  Well, to know what happens next, you need to watch the video below : (ALSO READ : This Video Of Akash Dadlani Kissing Shilpa Shinde Without Her Consent On Bigg Boss 11 Is Cringe Worthy)

Well, from the video we can easily make out that this cold war between Arshi and Shilpa is not going to end anytime soon. Shilpa is so fed up with Arshi that she has no plans of letting go and forgiving Arshi for the mean comments that she has been passing on her. What do you think about their ongoing cold war? Do you think they’ll ever be able to let bygone be bygone? Well, let us know in the comments’ section below.