Keeping with the tradition of a panel discussion, today’s episode will feature News Anchor Saurav Sharma, TV’s sweetheart Sargun Mehta and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Manu Punjabi as they talk about what’s going on in the current season. In a nail-biting task for captaincy between Puneesh Sharma and Vikas; Vikas will be declared the winner – making him the first captain of Bigg Boss season 11. Reeling with the privilege of becoming captain, Vikas has managed to turn things around in the house, wherein tasks are assigned as per his wish.

Bigg Boss will give a special ‘adhikaar’ to the house captain, stating that Vikas has the ultimate power to send one person to the Kaalkothri. Without much deliberation, Vikas will be seen nominating Hina to spend the night in the jail and Hina will retaliate by calling him a ‘Kaamchor Captain’, strongly implying that he does not deserve to be the captain of the house. Hina who used to be Vikas’ confidant in the house, is now against his every action. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi And Sabyasachi Satapathy Caught KISSING on Camera?)

Meanwhile, in a surprising turn of events, arch-nemesis Shilpa and Vikas will be seen taking the first step towards starting a new friendship. Shilpa will be seen pacifying the situation by advising Vikas to keep a calm and composed mind in order to survive in the house. Soon, an argument will  ensue between Shilpa and Arshi about cleanliness and hygiene in the house as Shilpa points out Arshi’s habit of leaving things lying around.

Amidst the arguments of the day, the contestants will gather in the lawn area to sing some of their favorite melodies. Sabyasachi will put his best foot forward and give a special performance on ‘Maar daala’ as the rest of the contestants cheer him on. Finally, as the day will come to a close, gharwales and padosis have to nominate one person each to spend a night in the Kaalkothri alongside Hina.