Michael Jackson Hologram at Billboard Music Awards 2014

Technology is amazing! All the viewers of the Billboard Music Awards 2014 witnessed a huge celebration of the King of Pop’s return to stage, thanks to holographic technology. Yes, the late Michael Jackson performed on stage to the song Slave to the Rhythm from his new posthumous album Xscape.

The act was pure entertainment for all his fans. Michael Jackson entertained a star-studded audience at the Billboard Music Awards 2014 in hologram form. The King of Pop, dressed in red pants and a gold jacket, looked eerily real. But many of the viewers were not very pleased with the hologram technology used to bring back MJ to life. They felt that it was done badly and found that it did not resemble him but just looked like his mere impersonator. And also the moonwalk was termed as dry by many.

While watching the performance, many people were left teary eyed and the act received a standing ovation.

This performance before going live had to go through a controversy since the federal judge in Nevada had dismissed a lawsuit brought by Hologram USA and Musion Das Hologram Ltd. to stop the performance. The companies argued that the awards show didn’t have the permission to use the patented technology to bring back a digitally resurrected Michael Jackson to stage.

We can’t deny it was an epic performance, but this is not the first time a performer was brought back to life. In 2012, rapper Tupac Shakur’s hologram performed at the Coachella Music Festival and also in 2007, Elvis Presley’s hologram was made to sing a duet with Celine Dion on American Idol. Pretty soon we will be experiencing a whole new trend wherein we will pay to go to concerts to see dead people’s hologram performances!

Watch video: Billboard Music Awards 2014: King of Pop Michael Jackson returns to stage!