Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s separation was something that lovebirds couldn’t digest for a long time. It was hard to believe that the couple who gave major relationship goals, who remained committed to each other for over a decade, parted ways and were no more interested to give their relationship another shot. Angelina fell in love with Brad during the filming of ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’. The duo known as Hollywood’s most glamorous couples tied the knot in August 2014 but that marital bliss did not last long. In September 2016 the couple filed for divorce. And the latest report states that Angelina has found love again in a British entrepreneur and she is also looking forward to get hitched with him.

As per report in HollywoodLife, Angelina Jolie is involved in a secret romance. It is also said that the two keep meeting at the actress’ Malibu estate. It is the same place where Angelina has been staying occasionally after she and Brad parted ways. A source revealed to the international entertainment portal about Jolie and her mystery man’s relationship details.

The source said, “It is challenging for Angelina [Jolie] to move on from Brad [Pitt], but she is doing what she can to nurture a secret romance with a new guy. Angelina and her new man, a handsome British entrepreneur with strong political ties and aspirations, have held a few secret rendezvous at the Malibu estate where she has been staying occasionally since her split from Brad.” The source also said how Angelina manages to meet her mystery man. (ALSO READ: Jennifer Aniston back in Brad Pitt’s life post divorce with Angelina Jolie?)

The source added, “She (Angelina) struggles to find time for herself, so during the infrequent times Brad has the children, Angelina organizes romantic rendezvous with the British hottie. Angelina’s dates have been happening all behind closed doors… overnight dinners, drinks, everything inside the private Malibu residence and never out in public. Angelina finds the secrecy of their romance sexy and exciting. She wants the divorce to be well behind her and all of her children to be in a healthy place before she goes on a vacation or even out to a restaurant with any new man.”

But another source informed In Touch that Brad Pitt did not have any hints about Jolie dating some other man. The source said, “The news caught Brad completely off-guard. He had no idea she was seeing anybody, let alone someone she’s considering marrying. The idea that another man will be spending time with his kids is absolutely sickening and disheartening.”