Tonight in Chandra Nandini we see that Rajmata tells Chandra that she to would leave the kingdom if he asks Chaya to leave. Chandra tries to explain it to his mother that before he is a brother, he is a father and even before he is a father, he is the king and he has to think about the Kingdom’s well being. Rajmata says that he has started to behave like a king and he doesn’t need his mother anymore. She says that since he doesn’t need her anymore, she will leave him and the Kingdom too. Chaya says that staying in Magadh has now become insulting for her and she will also prefer to leave. Nandini rushes to stop Rajmata and tells her that Malayketu will be brought back to Magadh. She folds her hands in front of her and asks her not to go. She says that she is Chandra’s strength and without her, the palace of Magadh would be a life less. Chandra tells Rajmata that he will arrange for Malayketu to come to the kingdom. Nandini comes and asks Rajmata to eat something but she says that she would prefer eating food with the hands of her son.

Helena starts to blabber in front of Apama and says that Nandini failed her plan by agreeing to bring Malayketu to the kingdom. Apama keeps smiling and it makes Helena furious. She explains that they should look at the bigger picture. She says that she might have failed in sending Rajmata away from the kingdom but her act has certainly created a rift between her and Nandini. She says that this rift can be broadened when Malayketu will be brought to the kingdom.

Chandra comes to meet Nandini and she asks her to come and join him for some food. They make each other eat food with their own hands and Chandra assures Nandini that even if Malayketu will come to the palace, he will make sure that Bindusara is safe. He tells Nandini that till the time he is alive no one will be able to harm his child. He says if anyone would try to harm Bindusar he would take his life.

Chandra meets Chanakya and asks him why he didn’t speak anything in the court room. He tell Chandra that he totally agreed with Nandini and he also thinks that Malayketu could impose a threay on Bindusara’s lofe but he decided to keep mum because it is wise to keep the enemies closer. He tells Chandra that he wants to break the ties of Malay and Magadh, not the ties of Chandra and Chaya. He tells Chandra that Malayketu is coming to the palace with his evil intentions but he doesn’t know that this palace will become his jail.

When Malayketu comes to the palace he himself asks for an apology from Chandra and says that he tried to kill Bindusara. Chanakya asks him if he is accepting that he was involved in the kidnapping of Bindusara. Malayketu accepts and says that he had the intentions of killing Bindusara because Amatya Rakshas provoked him to do so. Chanakya tells him that he may once again be thrown out of the kingdom for accepting his crime but Malay says that he wanted to give his life a new beginning and that is why he said the truth. Rajmata tells Malayketu that she is proud of him and she doesn’t regret her decision to give him one more chance. (ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 13 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Rajmata Moora Asks Chandra To Choose Either Her or His Wife Nandini)

She says that according to the new rule he will be given one more chance to start his married life with. Malayketu expresses gratitude that they considered bringing him back to the palace even after Nandini’s sister Ropa created so many miss understandings. He looks at Chaya and says that she was the best thing which happened to him in his life and he would like to give one more attempt for them to have a happy married life. After both Chaya and Malay agree, Chandra announces that they both will now live in the palace but he makes it clear to Malayketu does that till the time he will be resolved of the doubt that he tried to kill Bindusara, till that time he will not be allowed to come anywhere near him. Malay once again apologizes to everyone in the kingdom for all the crimes he committed in the past.

Nandini starts to get nightmares and every time she closes her eyes she looks at Malayketu trying to kill Bindusara. In his attempts to console Nandini Chandra crosses the curtain which he put in between him and Nandini. The curtain brakes and Chandra promises to put it back on in the morning.(ALSO READ: Chandra Nandini 14 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Nandini Suggests That Malayketu and Chaya Should Be Sent To Another Kingdom To Live Together)