Tonight in Chandra Nandini we see that Chandra decides to take the help of his brothers to win Nandini’s heart again. His brothers advise him to start thinking from his heart. They tell him that he needs to tell it to Nandini what place she holds in his life. They tell Chandra that they share each and every happiness and fear they have with their wives. This sharing has made their Bond grow stronger with time. Chandra decides that he will do the same and will share each and every thought he has with Nandini.

When Chandra goes to meet Nandini, he finds her taking a bath. He tells Nandini that he needs her support in relations to the decisions regarding his Kingdom. He tells Nandini that he needs to go to the kingdom along with her in a different Avatar to see if the law and order of his kingdom is in place. Nandini thinks in her heart that this must also be one of Chandra’s trick to woo her and she refuses to go along with him. Chandra starts to behave in a very stubborn way but Nandini refuses.

Enemies of Chandra decides to kill him as soon as he gets out of his Palace to take a tour of his Kingdom. He goes to tell Chanakya that Padmanand is going to attack Chandra when he will be out on a tour. Chanakya takes it as a warning and decides to inform Chandra. Chanakya tries to tell Malay that it was not Chandra who killed his father. But he seemed convinced with the fact that it was Mahapadmanand who killed  a his father. He tells Chankya that anyhow he should warn Chandra that he is under attack tonight.

When Chandra goes to the kingdom, he finds out that there are no problems with the law and order. Chandra keeps waiting for Nandini but his brothers ask him to stop. Chandra tells his brothers that he wants Nandini to come and prove her love to him. Meanwhile Nandini tell her sister that she doesn’t want to go to meet Chandra. She doesn’t know how people will react when they will see her. Malti, Nandini’s sister try to convince her that she should go to meet Chandra.

Ada she comes with a message for Nandini. As soon as she reads it she gives Bindusara to Malti and leaves. Mahapadmanand reaches the market place where Chandra is. But before he could reach Chandra, Nandini comes to warn Chandra about the fact that his life is in danger. (Also Read: Chandra Nandini 15 June 2017 Written Update of Full episode: Rumour of Nandini dating another man spark)