aaa1Everyone is talking about demonetisation right from journalists to politicians to common people. Nothing has gripped the nation in such unity ever. Everywhere you go the conversation automatically steers towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move. Some calls it heroic and lauds it while others give their outright disapproval. However, the common man has hailed the decision solely because he believes that although extreme, it was a necessary step toward a corruption-free nation.

Indian stand-up comedian and YouTuber of Pretentious Reviews fame Biswa Kalyan Rath shared his views on demonetization and currency ban in a Facebook post, and guess what; as usual he makes a lot of sense.

In a Facebook post he wrote:

There is one thing to be learnt about Indian people from demonetisation.

Indians are extremely well behaved and peace loving people who will stand in queues for days without incident if you give them even a glimmer of hope for a fair system, which is the least they deserve.

When they break queues then, it’s not because they don’t know how to stand in one; it’s because they are tired of being let down by the system again and again, have lost all faith in fair means.

Makes one wonder, if a glimmer of hope can achieve so much, what could an actually fair system do?

You can also read it here:

True to the point, isn’t he?