Archie Andrews with Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper
Archie Comics

It would be sad to see one of the oldest and best comic book series in the world end. CNN reported Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater – whose father John Goldwater created Archie – saying that the July 16, 2014 issue of Life With Archie will kill Archie. Riverdale’s popular kid, Archie, is going to be shown as a hero who “dies saving the life of a friend”, said Goldwater.

This issue no. 36 of Life with Archie is a flash forward series showing Archie’s two possible future marital situations i.e. he is either with Betty Cooper or her rival Veronica Lodge. The cover of this book shows Archie covered in a pool of blood with both the girls by his side.

There will be a final issue, which will leap a year forward and depict how Archie’s friends have moved on after his death.

Even though Archie is going to end, the fans can be happy as the adventure of this red-headed teenager will continue in regular Archie Comic Book Series and various issues of Archie Double Digest that will showcase the humorous adventures of Archie and his foodie friend Jughead.