Dear Zindagi star Alia Bhatt is here to remove the ‘complicated’ from your love relationships. While many people take ages to be able to confess their love, it takes equal courage for most to call it quits. There are a zillion ‘what ifs’ that come to your mind and the doubt and insecurity that follows is insurmountable. Add to it the pressure of hurting your partner and then ending up with a broken heart to nurse. Breaking up isn’t easy and many a times, couples find themselves dragging on in a relationship, even though there is nothing left in it for any of them, even though all they do is disagree and argue all the time.

However, you can now take some cues from Dear Zindagi where Alia Bhatt’s character Kaira goes through various highs and lows in her relationships and ends up becoming stronger. The star recently tweeted about the fifth track from Dear Zindagi which promises to help you overcome the breakup blues and move on from a breakup like a boss. If having a long and awkward conversation to end your relationship is giving you the jitters and holding you back from ending a relationship you unsatisfied in, look up for the song Let’s Break Up! and unearth a cool new way to break up.

The song composed by Amit Trivedi has lyrics by Kausar Munir and is rendered by Vishal Dadlani. Now, if you have been cued in to Amit Trivedi’s music, you would know that this is no slow, sad song which will make you all teary eyed. In fact, as it promises, it really is a cool number and you would not be able to stop yourself from tapping your feet accompanied by a little head banging. The lyrics talk about the many expectations one partner may have in a relationship and how it becomes so challenging for the other person to keep meeting those expectations. Slowly and steadily, this becomes a pressure and pain point and thus something that you want to free yourself from. The song is as real as it can get to the various emotions of a relationship. Give it a listen and take some lessons – either better your relationship by taking some cues or get ideas in breaking up without much drama and move on – your choice!