Deepika Padukone is slowly but surely consolidating her position as a true international star! The leading actress has been making news Internationally. She rose to fame with 4 back to back hits last year and has been loved by audiences across borders. While she is currently in Corsica for her next film Tamasha she is being featured in local publications there.

The paparazzi have actively been clicking her and she has been gracing covers and constantly making news. The media has also been reaching out to her for profile interviews.In fact she is also being approached by a lot of fans for pictures and autographs. The surprising element is that they are foreigners and not necessarily Indians who are approaching her.

It only goes to prove that Deepika seems to have earned a huge fan following not only in India, but also abroad. Its no wonder then that the media in Corsica is going crazy snapping her and giving a treat to all her fans there. Even John Trovolta and Kevin Spacey were high on praise for Deepika at IFFA early this year.

She is the shining star beholding the extra twinkle.

Deepika’s spokesperson confirms the news, saying, “We have been receiving a lot of media requests from local publications in Corsica. Also, she is being approached by a lot of fans for pictures and autographs.”

Deepika went to Corsica in July, and will wrap up the month-long schedule in the first week of August.