After courting controversies right from the day one of filming Padmaavat, the maker have now finally heaved a sigh of relief with the CBFC certifying the film and making its theatrical release possible. The film is now scheduled for a January 25, 2018 release. As per the board’s chief Prasoon Joshi, the makers were asked to make five modifications in the film, which included changing the name to Padmavat. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his team have officially re-titled the film Padmaavat. Another change was regarding the song Ghoomar, starring Deepika Padukone and Shahid Kapoor.

A source privy to the details exclusively told, “There were only two options in front of Bhansali – either make the suggested changes to the song or pull it down completely from the film and all other platforms that it is being played/screened on. Re-shooting the song would have been very expensive and time consuming and making the changes without doing so would have been difficult. Therefore, the initial thought was to let the film release without the song.”

However, a few meetings between the director-producer and with the edit team later, it was decided to keep the song, albeit with some major changes. “The song comes in the movie at a crucial point and a lot of hardwork, time and money has gone into shooting it. So letting it go didn’t seem right. But while it is still part of Padmaavat, there will be some changes in the song.” ALSO READ: Padmaavat Row: Karni Sena Workers Detained While Protesting Outside CBFC Office in Mumbai, Say Changing Film’s Name Not Enough reached out to Padmaavat team and while they confirmed that the song Ghoomar is very much part of the film, they chose not to respond to the query about the changes it is undergoing before it releases on the big screen. The song starring Deepika Padukone may not be the same when Padmaavat releases in theatres. But we can trust Bhansali and his brilliance to redo it in a way to not lose out on the visual appeal and grandiose.

Meanwhile, Karni Sena is still against the screening of the film and have been hosting protests in various parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. As you read this, a protest is being held outside CBFC office in Mumbai today and cops had to be called in to control the situation and ensure no harm is caused to any person or property.