Sandhya‘s husband Suraj approaches Sandhya’s colleague Zakir from the police academy. Suraj seeks his help to reinstate his wife Sandhya as ASP. The police station staff which created trouble for Sandhya when she joined, have a change of heart and now want her back as Sandhya continues the new assigned duty at a traffic signal.

Zakir asks Suraj to write a letter to the senior officials and promises to take up Sandhya’s case when he has a meeting with them. A group of local women meet Zakir and also submits a letter demanding that Sandhya be reinstated. Suraj who is present in the police station, feels proud that Sandhya has made a difference in Pushkar.

Sandhya meets Kavita at the traffic signal and the two get into argument as Kavita advises Sandhya to leave her family if she wants to move ahead in life. Sandhya loses her temper reminds Kavita about running away from the marriage and tells her family is her strength.

Will Sandhya get her ASP post back? Will Sandhya get into more trouble? Will Kavita create more trouble for Sandhya? Watch this space for latest updates on Diya Aur Baati Hum.