Meenakshi is frantically looking for her son Kanha, who went missing from the market. The vegetable vendor had planned this to teach a lesson to Meenakshi who steals from shops. When she is finally united with her son Meenakshi promises not to repeat her act in future. Sooraj who is also present gets the idea as to how he can help Sandhya win over her seniors.

Sooraj discusses his idea of making people realise their mistake and avoid its reoccurence in future. Sandhya’s coursemate Zakir is also trying to get Sandhya back to her old posting. But time is running out fast. The Rathi household is set for a big drama as Emily is thinking of settling scores with Meenakshi. She plans to write a letter to scare her. Meanwhile, work overload in the office upsets Chavi.

Will Sooraj’s idea from Meenakshi’s incident work in favour of Sandhya? How will Emily settle scores with Meenakshi? Will Sandhya get her posting back? Watch this space for latest updates on Diya Aur Baati Hum