It is odd, even slightly unfair, to compare –let alone analyse–the two shows in question 24 and Yuddh headed by two dramatically different actors – Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan – who ruled the silverscreen with elan. But the elephant is in the room now and we just can’t ignore i!.

The parallels will be drawn-albeit hastily-given the fact the two big-screen idols are projecting themselves on the small screen, individually. Anil Kapoor’s successfully concluded TV series 24 (directed by Abhinay Deo) got rave reviews and even succeeded at setting new benchmarks for those who are eying the TV domain with seriously entertaining quality content.

For long now, we have been sedated with mindless saas-bahu sagas that are so typical and clichéd that Anil Kapoor’s show came as a breath of fresh air. Discerning audiences simply lapped it up with delight as Jai Singh Rathod aka apana Lakhan made a swift entry into our living rooms with a solid adaptation that got our adrenaline pumping with a concrete screenplay and slick editing.

In comparison, Amitabh Bachchan starrer Yudh is moving excruciating slowly –to the extent that we wonder if we are hooked on to it, rather collectively, just to gaze at the big daddy of Indian cinema (at his extraordinary best, yet again)

No, don’t get us wrong! We are not writing Yudh off, yet. Neither are we completely dismissing the show’s possible potential to get a grip over our constantly wavering and ever-declining attention span. But the first two episodes of Big B’s first fictional show on the small screen only managed to draw big yawns and that is not a good start, whichever way you look at it.

But unlike 24 that transported audiences right into the thick of the plot in a jiffy, Yudh is moving at laborious pace with a complex storyline that is only tasting our patience and taking too long for us to warm up to this otherwise high-on-quality and engaging( in parts) thriller.

Tell us if you agree or agree to disagree with us!