London, Nov 30: Actress Elle Fanning says she likes Instagram because she is a visual person and avoids Twitter as she does not like the arguments on it. The 18-year-old actress feels there are too many arguments on the social media platform, reported Contactmusic.

“Well, my parents never let me have a Facebook account. And I had a private Instagram, but I was always a little intimidated by it. I have never had a Twitter account. People just argue on Twitter and I want to stay away. I guess I like Instagram because I am a visual person,” Fanning said.

The actress has been working since she was three years old and if she gets a chance to go back to school she would like to study photography. “If I do go back to school one day, which I think I will, it will be for photography … (But Hollywood) feels very normal to me. I’ve always been on movie sets, and I have learned so much. I really hope to be a director one day, to feel so free to invent stuff …To have something that’s mine, my own thing that I pour myself into, that’s my dream.”