yo yo isse kehte hai hip hop

All you Yo Yo Honey Singh Fan’s can rejoice, as the ‘Blue Eyes’ rapper is out with his latest track ‘Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop’. Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has developed a wide fan base all over the world due to his insanely catchy (also read senseless) music. Yo Yo is planning to launch his new track on World Music Day, which if you didn’t already know, is on 21st June.

Yo Yo Honey Singh also did his acting debut recently in Xpose with Himesh Reshammiya. Yo Yo Honey Singh is known for his hit songs like ‘High Heels’, ‘Angreji Beat’ and many more. In his latest trach ‘Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop’, Yo Yo Honey Singh walks down with a glitzy golden sneakers. Though, he repeats ‘Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop’ zillion times, the music seems catchy.

So, if you are huge Yo Yo Fan then it seems you are getting a treat! The whole song is expected to release on 21st June 2014. Till then, listen to this dope teaser and try to find out kissey kehte hai Hip hop.