For the beginners here’s the detailed account of Priyanka Chopra’s quick exit from Reddit AMA chat. A popular online chat AMA ( Ask Me Anything) enticed PeeCee to bare her starry soul for everyone to see- and even probed into. After taking some really mushy questions PeeCee’s fans as well as her haters started venturing into risqué zone with their queries.

Soon the chat went out of control with people bludgeoning the star with some really nasty comments and disgusting questions. Now it is being questioned if PeeCee was answering all those curious queries on her own or wa her hyperactive PR machinery doing its job on the actor’s behalf.

From her closeness to Pitbull‘s to her allegedly surgically enhanced lips to her fake singing every aspect of Piggy Chop’s private space was probed. Sadly-and very unfortunately-even her late father was not spared by netizens. Take a look.

How come you never sing live? Is it because you can’t?

What was your musical contribution towards any of those songs? How are you more than just a pretty face there?

Can you honestly show that music video to someone and feel “yes, I’m presenting my work, my achievement, my expression of art and talent”?

I mean, if you think you have talent (I’m not gonna jump the gun and say that you don’t), please perform live (even a 5 minute live song), or make atleast one bullshit-free, marketing-free, song. Please produce a piece of work that you can consider your work of art, make sure you are proud of it, make sure it is an expression of yourself and of your art, and publish it without the bullshit.

Recently a road was renamed in Andheri, Mumbai after your father. What was the reason that it was renamed? What contributions has your father made that a road was renamed after him and not after countless other people who strived and died for India? What made you decide to nominate him and not other people for such a thing? I as a citizen of this city would like to know from you since the whole deal of renaming a city road unnecessarily is sketchy and shady and reeks of corruption. Thank You.

How important is auto-tune in your singing career?

Auto-tune, fake accent and fairness creams. Very important I reckon.

She does not like my question I guess.

Here, I have a second question Ms. Chopra. What do you have to say about this news article, that claims your father was a child molester.

You endorse a host of cosmetic creams, don’t you think that these companies are preying on the insecurities of people ? How do you justify your endorsements ?

Hey Priyanka, I’m Dukes_Mangola. You may know me as a redditor, internet gamer, former winner (7th place) of the State cartography contest, son, brother and day-dreamer. My question is – my laptop seems sluggish. Do you think I should download more RAM?

Are you going to contribute anything towards legalizing homosexuality in India? or What are your views?

This is like the most pathetic ama ever! You are supposed to be answering questions. Is your PR team handling this?

Has she honestly answered one question and bailed on her own AMA?

I mean come on! that energy company doing Q&A on twitter lasted longer than that!