Padmavati’s release could easily be the most controversial release of this year, with things getting more and more intense by the day. There have been many celebs of the likes of Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez and more coming in support of the film as well. And now latest to join the ranks is Farhan Akhtar, speaking against banning things as an issue overall. Also recently, two films S Durga and Nude were removed from the films being screened at the IFFI  Film Festival in Goa, regarding which Farhan gave his outlook.

Speaking about this with The Indian Express, Farhan said, “It’s not about just those two films or Padmavati. This has happened with many films in the past and every time it has happened, I have spoken openly about it that it should not happen. I am totally against anything being banned. I genuinely believe that we should stop treating our audiences as children,” he said. Farhan added.,“We should allow them to grow. Expose them to different types of ideas. Allow them to understand culture and think. It is important for the development of any nation that there are viewpoints, that are not always in agreement with the majority.”

Slamming the violence that takes place regarding Padmavati he said, “In cinema, there is no such law that if a film releases, come what may you have to watch it. You have the freedom to boycott the film. To spread the message to boycott the film but what you don’t have is the freedom to threaten someone with grievous bodily harm, or break someone’s theater or hurt someone in any way. And unfortunately, that’s where the line hasn’t been drawn properly. We as a film industry are dependent on the CBFC to tell us what is okay and what is not okay. We have accepted that. Beyond that, it is up to the I&B ministry and the government to protect the films and filmmakers. That’s what I have always believed and that’s what I believe in case of these three films,” he added.