There is no questioning the fact that Javed Akhtar is one of the most influential figures in the Bollywood industry, and it seems that is something which will be further emphasized on the big screen. Unknown to the world, his son Farhan Akhtar, and wife Shabana Azmi are planning a biopic on the legendary author. Though the family is tight-lipped about it, a source close to the family has spilled some beans. “It’s been an idea under progress for nearly three years. And now, it’s time to get going with the idea.”

And this could be one of a kind a project, because not only will Mr Javed’s son Farhan will be directing the film, he will also be playing the role of his father – something which has little been seen in the industry before. “It was on October 4,1964, that Javed Akhtar arrived in Bombay at the age of 19 with two pairs of clothes, a few books and lots of dreams. This marks the 53rd year of that arrival. He slept on the streets, at Khar railway station, graduated to studio compounds, dressing rooms, Mahakali Caves and went without food for days.”

Shabana Azmi feels Javed’s life has indeed been truly inspirational. “On his most desolate day he told himself, ‘Things will change, I wasn’t born to die on the streets’. We can have nothing but unconditional respect for his indomitable will and for the person he is, rising above bitterness and anger to become the compassionate person he is. I am very proud of my Jadu.”