What’s being aired in the name of entertainment is turning our stomach right over! What’s being shown on Bigg Boss 10 is DISGUSTING! The voice that says “whatever Om Swami has done in the house has only brought down the stature of the show” is hypocrite. And the fact that I am writing about this and you are reading the same, goes on to show that we as a society thrive on sensationalism and vicarious pleasure. Arguably, you and me could be dirtier than (Bigg Boss the concept, Salman Khan the ‘fake’ host and Om Swami the self-styled realised master who throws his own piss on the fellow contestants) for caring to discuss this.

Let’s make it simple. Om Swami throws his own piss on the contestants and the cameras in the house capture the antics. There was no need to air that segment in the first place. The show is not being streamed live, right? The footage could have been edited out and Om Swami should have been shown the door, right away, unless of course, the “script” demanded it. If that was not the case, then it is clear that the think-tank and the so called creative team of Bigg Boss is milking the whole controversy. Is this what one of India’s leading entertainment channels resorts to doing just to stay ahead in the rat race (read: for the ever elusive TRPs)? ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: We want Om Swami back, NOW! Oh, yes we are desperate! Here are our valid reasons!

What is even more mind numbing is the fact that Salman Khan is quickly brought on to ensure that Om Swami gets an earful. Now this is another masaledar twist added to fetch maximum eyeballs. And our ‘Being Human’ superstar readily turns up to give a piece of his starry mind to the beloved Baba. “I am upset with you now,” roars Sallu. C’mon, isn’t this utter fake! We wish you could say the same to the makers of the show, Salman! For the past so many seasons Salman has been threatening to leave the show. From a certain Ali Quli Mirza misbehaving with women to Om Swami throwing his piss around–Salman it sems can tolerate anything and everything. As long as as he gets his fat paycheque, he will keep appearing on appearing the show and entertain such bullshit…err Om Swami’s piss!

The 51-year old superstar must remind himself that kids are watching what’s being shown here. His countless fans, from the globe over, follow this show because HE hosts it. Is this something the brand Salman Khan resonate with? If answer to that is a big NO. then Salman, with all his might, should stand up for what is right! And by that we don’t mean yet another weekend ka vaar where the culprit gets a bad rap or thrown out of the show. It’s time to take action off cameras that is!