Just when we had given up all hopes of him ever speaking to the media about his alleged affair with Kangana Ranaut, Hrithik Roshan spoke and how! For the first time ever, he revealed the details on National Television and that too to whom?? Arnab Goswami. No, he was definitely way more calm than his usual self but that doesn’t mean he didn’t badger him about the “truth” or cross question him every now and then. Right from 2009 to 2017, Arnab delved into every little detail of their “relationship” and Hrithik chose to answer the questions, he deemed important to be addressed. However, to be honest, he didn’t sound convincing enough ,especially, on why he never chose to go to the police previously or why he never deemed it fit to confront Kangana about the entire mess. Well, while we may never truly know, he made some shocking revelations on the interview, which we shall let you know below:

#How it all began

Hrithik, in his interview with Arnab, divulged that the first time they ever met was During the shoot of Kites and he was highly impressed by the actress’ commitment to her work and professionalism. However, he repeatedly emphasized that they were never good friends. He said that perhaps his genuine concern for her as a cast and crew member of his film gave her the wrong impression that he had feelings for her. He said that she used to often send him videos of whatever new she tried out, such as training for stunts etc and he would often give her a very encouraging feedback. He still wonders if all that made her feel that he had feelings for her.

#When Kangana Came Up To His Room In Jordan, After A Party

Hrithik revealed that once, when in Jordan, they had wrapped up the party of their shoot for Krrish 3, Kangana had a little too much to drink. She wanted to talk to him about her career post Krrish 3 in that state. However, Hrithik was too tired and told her that they would talk about the same, the next day. Later, he was surprised to find her banging his door very loudly and had to call his sister Rangoli to take her away. In the following morning, Rangoli came up to him and apologised on behalf of Kangana. Thereafter, Hrithik admitted that his instincts told him to never be around her alone.

# He Never Went To Paris in 2014, Leave Alone Propose To Her

Hrithik said that he was glad that she had said about the Paris trip because that never happened and he had his passport to finally prove she was lying. He further said that he had never had a one-on-one interaction with her , so getting engaged to her was out of question. He also said that during the whole of 2014 he hadn’t been to Europe, leave alone Paris.

#The ambiguous story of the email exchanges and the subsequent mess

Hrithik revealed that he received abusive emails from Kangana in Hindi, which both Kangana and Rangoli claimed were hacked and sent by him. However, later Rangoli went back on what she said and stated that if her account is hacked and that if the email id hroshan@email.com, didn’t belong to him, they should approach the Cyber Cell together. Furthermore, he revealed that after a few months of silence on the subject, Kangana again began sending him emails which were sexually explicit in nature with pics and videos of her. It also mentioned about what she had been doing on a day to day basis. Then came the year 2014, when DNA published an article stating that Hrithik was  the mystery man in Kangana’s life. That day onwards, her emails, as stated by him, became more abusive in nature, eventually resulting in a threat.

Post the article, Hrithik revealed that used to be constantly asked by his colleagues and friends about Kangana but he always chose to be silent on the issue. The mess also led to a friend not inviting him to a party and when he spoke to his friend about it, she said that his “girlfriend” stopped her from doing so. He said that his friend implied “his girlfriend” to be none other than Kangana. Later on the news of the two getting engaged started doing the rounds and things just got messier.

# The Story behind the ‘selfie’

Hrithik has been blamed for hacking Kangana’s email and ,weirdly though, sending emails to himself with intimate pics of the actress. Kangana has time and again said in the past that these pics and videos were taken when they were ‘together’. However, Hrithik denied it. When Arnab mentioned that there was an email which also had a selfie of him with the Queen actress, he retorted by asking that if it had truly been him sending the emails to himself, how did he get access to that selfie? We wonder.

# Why did Hrithik choose to never confront Kangana?

Whenever Arnab asked him this question, which is such an obvious one, Hrithik gave different answers, not sounding very confident and, of course, convincing. In his tryst to perhaps the waiver that question or even get Arnab to stop asking that he indirectly implied that she isn’t stable in her mind (not stating that in words though). He sort of stated without actually saying it that Kangana was continuing her conversation with the “impostor” and that he didn’t think it was right on his part to be an add on to the mess. As a result he sent most of her emails to the spam. He couldn’t block her as he has a Mac and stated that one can’t block someone on Mac. He repeatedly stated that he had been going through a bad phase himself and then later said that the Mumbai Police Commissioner himself stopped him from talking to her in person about it.  (ALSO READ: Hrithik Roshan On Kangana Ranaut Controversy: I’m Not Strong, I’m Vulnerable)

# The silly-ex fiasco

Hrithik said that he never reacted, despite the many instigation as everything in the media was then being said in the third person and not directly by Kangana. However he lost his cool and sent her a legal notice after the “silly ex” fiasco as that was the first time she, herself, admitted to have dated him and that made him look like a petty and needy boyfriend. However, the one comment later backfired on him and the rest of the story, like we all know, is history.