Game of Thrones season 4 eposide #9 Preview: Is John Snow next?

After the horrific last episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘, how are you holding up guys? Its been almost a week, and the next episode is just few days ahead but the wounds of last episode are still fresh. Many of us are still mourning over Oberyn’s death, and most of us are in a fear that John Snow is next!

Episode 9’s preview shows the most anticipated and huge battle between the Wildlings and the men Night’s Watch. The Wilding army is preparing for this battle since a ages now, and they are all set to take over Castle Black! The Wildling’s are much more in number with mammoths and giants by their side and can easily take over Castle Black. The dialogue ‘Tonight We Fight!’ will motivate even a non-GoT fan! With only two episodes left of this season, this will be an ultimate cracker! Get ready for a nail-biting, highly intriguing episode

Will John Snow survive? What will happen to Ygritte? All these questions can be answered only on Sunday! Watch the awesome preview here: