Helena Bonham Carter is easily one of the best things to happen to cinema. Versatility is her middle name, right from serious period drama to sinister dark comedy, she makes every role seem so natural, like it was tailored for her. On her birthday today, we’ve made a list of the top five roles that this talented actress has played. Take a look.

5. The Harry Potter series

Of course, there’s Bellatrix Lestrange. Who could forget this role, as Helena plays a crazy, evil “death eater”, and by far, the most faithful soldier to Lord Voldemort. Her laugh is as memorable as her performance, and she was truly hated for her on-screen persona. Although she appeared only in the latter half of the series, she made the concept of a ‘witch’ terrifying – and got everyone’s attention while she did so.

4. A Room with a View

This was Helena’s first movie, and clearly the beginning of her marvelous career. She played a young woman named Lucy Honeychurch, who becomes increasingly uncomfortable with her culture and its limitations for women like her. Her performance in this film is what made people aware of the fact that she fit beautifully into period-genre films. The most remarkable part of this role, however, is the fact that Helena got the lead with no prior experience whatsoever.

3. Hamlet

In this, Helena’s performance is severely under-rated. Despite not being in the lead, she shines. This is especially noteworthy, considering the fact that her co-stars include the amazing Mel Gibson. Also, she was a new face in the field of cinema at the time, and she still manages to hold her own. She plays Ophelia, a woman who is in love with Hamlet, and this leads to suicide. Ophelia as a character was extremely layered and complex, and Helena definitely delivered.

2. Fight Club

One of her most popular roles till date, Helena plays Marla Singer, an eccentric woman who also happens to be another character – The Narrator’s girlfriend. She is troubled yet finds her way, and the audience sees her as the new definition of ‘cool’. Her nonchalance while talking, coupled with her demeanour, makes her performance one of the most AWESOME ones in the entire film. Even as she stars with actors like Brad Pitt, she makes herself a place and how!

1. The Wings of the Dove

This movie earned Helena an Academy Award nomination for best actress, and rightfully so. She plays a British woman named Kate Croy, who is extremely complex in nature. She more than does justice to her character, and the audience is pushed to feel Kate’s emotions as Helena portrays them. Her character is an enigma, as is the actress herself, who really channels her inner romantic in this film. Her performance is moving and will tug at you long after the movie is over.