Haraamkhor produced by Anurag Kashyap is one of the most awaited movies this time. Though showcased at MAMI last year, the movie released only this year, thanks to the censor board controversy. We just saw the first half of the movie and we are bowled over by the leads Nawazuddin and Shweta’s honest to the heart performance. Here’s what we felt about the movie so far.

Haraamkhor is essentially about a seemingly common phenomenon: teacher student relationship. Well, the movie set in the hinterlands of North India is about a young, lonely girl and her attraction towards her teacher who has a fetish for his students. The film opens up a dialogue against abuse by teachers towards their hapless students and the way this whole thing is perceived by the society at large. While watching the movie you get a Lolita-esque feel, especially when you look at the bulbous vacant eyes of Shweta (Sandhya in this movie).

Nawazuddin, as a sex crazed teacher, is pretty perfect in every frame so far and makes you watch him with unwavering attention throughout. All the kids, playing the quintessential students, are awesome too. Especially, the child dressed in Shaktimans costume. The movie is dark and realistic and is equally gripping so far.

The first half ends with Sandhya confronting her police inspector father about his liaisons outside and making love to Nawaz on open grounds at the outskirts of the village on a whim.

Now, our interest is already piqued and we want to know what happens next in the storyline. Will the film have a dreary, dark ending? Stay tuned to find out.