Hello Pratiba

Mumbai, Jan 20: A woman who forgets her personal interests, goals and talents while fulfilling the responsibilities of a wife, mother and daughter-in-law and how she eventually tries to discover herself after 16 years of marriage is the story of Zee TV’s forthcoming show “Hello Pratibha”, which was launched here with much fanfare. Actress Binny Sharma has returned with her third stint on the channel with this show where she is playing the protagonist named Pratibha, a 36-year-old woman based in Jhansi and a mother of two kids.

Pratibha was filled with hope, ambition and talent of her own, and is now married for 16 years and has devoted her entire life to her husband, kids and in-laws, thereby facing identity crisis. The actress is excited to project the role. “She is a difficult character to play. She is a bit mature as compared to my real age. I think there is one Pratibha inside every girl. She is not a fake character,” Binny told IANS at the show’s launch here Monday night. The show is all about exploring Pratibha’s journey of rediscovering her identity and gaining her lost confidence. Does it sound similar to Sridevi starrer “English Vinglish”?

This soap opera is different, says Sachal Tyagi, another member of the show’s cast. “I was asked many a times before that is this show inspired by ‘English Vinglish’? I say ‘not at all’. This is the story of every Indian household where a woman is too busy managing household stuff that she loses her identity and this is what we are trying to bring out with this show,” he said. Namit Sharma, programming head of Zee TV, too says that it is the story of every middle-aged Indian housewife.

“Our protagonist represents every woman, who post marriage, prioritises the needs of her family over her own. She doesn’t do any of this grudgingly — all she asks for is to be acknowledged for the person she is. But, in caring for her loved ones round the clock, she loses touch with her own identity. The show is all about soul searching of Pratibha,” he said. The new show will go on air from Jan 27.