Karishma Sharma and Siddharth Gupta will star in the lead roles in the new installment of Ragini MMS, titled Ragini MMS Returns. The show also stars Riya Sen in the lead. The franchise returns this time in the digital format of a web series, and not films unlike the previous two installments. The genre of the show gained a reputation of not being just horror, but erotic horror films, for which they became even more popular. Certainly, Ragini MMS Returns follows suit, and will have a predominant erotic aura to the film, the posters affirm.

However, newly-wed Riya Sen doesn’t seem like she will be baring in the show. Talking about the show that will release on Ekta Kapoor’s digital platform Alt Balaji, a unit hand says, “Riya, who essays the pivotal role of Simran in the show knew that the series would involve intimate scenes featuring her and co-star Nishant Malkani. They were meant to be explicit, but Riya was uncomfortable while filming them.” The source adds that the actor took it to the director Suyash Vadhavkar, who likes to keep his cast’s comfort in mind. “He toned down the intimate scene and shot it aesthetically. Although Riya has done a fair share of steamy roles, she wasn’t at ease this time since she is now married.” ALSO READ: Riya Sen’s Passionate Kiss With Shivam Tewari Is Breaking The Internet

When approached by Mid day, Riya confirmed saying, “I had reservations while shooting the intimate scenes and convinced Suyash to tone them down.”

Naturally, Riya’s request came difficult to the director, but he’s worked hard to make it work. He added, “The director worked his way around with cheat shots.”