Watch this at your own risk! Anushka Sharma has set an example of what perfect timing is all about. The actress has just revealed the new release date of her 2018 film Pari with a teaser that will share the s*** out of you. The film, which was earlier set for a February 9 release, is now shifted to March 2, giving it Holi release. Posting the teaser titled Holi With Pari on her social media, Anushka wished everyone a sweet dreams. But that’s exactly what you will not get. Chances are that you will be left tossing and turning, looking under the bed and behind the curtains in your room while you lay awake, scared out of your minds. had earlier exclusively informed its readers about what Pari is all about. The film is a supernatural thriller. However, while it is easy for one to mistake Anushka’s avatar as that of a ghost in the film, she will be playing an abuse victim. But while she is not a ghost in the film, friendly like the one in Phillauri or scary like any paranormal film, this will be her spookiest character ever. Watch the teaser below to get an idea of what this talented actress-turned-producer has in store for us with her new production.

Anushka’s productions have dealt with some ugly realities ailing Indian society. NH10 tackled honor killings while and Phillauri talks about how superstitions is taking us down. Pari deals with yet another such important issue. While Pari has been shifted to a Holi release, it will not benefit from a long weekend since March 2 holiday falls on a Friday so it will be a normal three day weekend for the film. The decision must have been taken after Aiyaary shifted its date to Feb 9, thanks to Padmavat and Padman locking the Republic Day weekend. Interestingly, Karan Johar’s production and Tarun Mansukhani directorial Drive starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez was announced for Holi 2018. Since there is no update on the film, and since Pari has been shifted to that date to avoid a clash, we wonder if Drive is now postponed. We will know soon.

Interestingly, just a day ago we saw a spooky trailer of Anushka Shetty’s Bhaagamathie which is releasing on January 26 and now we have Anushka Sharma giving us sleepless night with Pari. Looks like women are set to rule 2018!