It’s Back to the Future Day today, celebrating the movie trilogy Back to the Future. The first movie of the franchise released in 1985, 30 years ago. But it’s not just for fun and our love for one of the first of such movies that the day is being celebrated. A video has emerged showing an uncanny way in which Back to the Future predicted a few things in the future that actually did happen in real life! This video shows an amazing film study where the Marty McFly movie has many hints to show that the September 11 terrorist attacks, or 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers in New York were coming.

The video says Back to the Future shows a small terrorist attack by Muslims from Libya, and that too, on a building called the Twin Pines Mall. And if the digital clock at the mall is turned upside down, it shows the numbers ‘911’. The twin pines have been used in other scenes of the movie as well. The actual Twin Towers are also shown in a few scenes, particularly in one scene where a man is upside down and the camera zooms in to show his point of view where the window clearly shows the Twin Towers falling down!

Back to the Future Part I has many more clues. In one scene, it gives hints to ‘Save the Clock Tower’ and in another it hows the tower being struck by lightning and the fire forming the numbers ‘911’.

The movie also foretells the 2015 film The Walk directed by Robert Zemeckis! And this 12.41-minute video film takes a serious look at the Back to the Future foretelling.

Looks like Back to the Future was playing Nostradamus here, the man who had predicted that a person like Osama bin Laden would strike the western world, among other prophecies of his. If only some government intelligence people – either the US or any other – could decode what the movie was saying!

This again reinforces the fact that movies that are successful have many symbols and clues to a lot of things – could be as mundane as the director’s favourite film, or as important as the 9/11 terrorist attacks!

Watch this amazing video of Back to the Future predicting the attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York.