It was right after Hrithik posted his open letter on the whole Kangana Ranaut controversy, that Kangana’s sister, Rangoli Chandel hit back with an infamous picture of Hrithik and Kangana getting intimate at a party as proof of their relationship. In her tweets, Rangoli questioned Hrithik on various accounts, one of them was about the picture which was earlier claimed to be photoshopped.

In response to that, Hrithik released a statement through his spokesperson and he has rubbished all such queries. He said, “Kangana says that Hrithik hacked into her email account and wrote those mails to himself. Our humble question to her is that how did he get hold of her so many intimate pictures then. How would Hrithik write those long descriptive mails where she is describing her daily routine in detail. How would he know the names of people that she met. Saying this that Hrithik wrote those explicit and other emails to himself is an insult to the national common sense.” ALSO READ: Hrithik Roshan FINALLY Breaks His Silence On The Controversy With Kangana Ranaut

Further responding to Rangoli’s question of the photoshopped picture, the spokesperson said, “That picture is from a party. This picture was presented in an out of context format to media. There are so many pictures of that night which were tweeted by Hrithik’s friends and ex wife after this picture was presented as a proof of intimacy. Talking about this picture itself. Please see that there is a third person present in that picture who has been cropped off. In few versions of this picture that some major publication person has been erased. I am attaching those versions. Yes it’s Hrithik and Kangana in that picture but why was third person cut out of the picture. The moment you know that it’s a group picture at a party the entire context changes. Yes, the picture has been digitally played around with. Just see that for yourself.” The ball is in Kangana’s court now it seems. Let’s see how this one unfolds.