South superstar, Vikram’s film Iru Mugan is all set hit silver screen today i.e. on September 8, 2016. The phenomenal actor has completed more than 20 years in the industry and continues to do films that not only excite viewers but also surprise them. With his upcoming film, the actor has taken his acting skills a notch higher. Vikram’s character in Iru Mugan is quite unclear and there is a lot of speculations going on about his role. But the makers have managed to stay mum until the film’s release and wanted the audience to find out on their own. (ALSO READ: Iru Mugan star Chiyaan Vikram finally joins Instagram! View pics)

The 50-year old actor has growth strength-by-strength since his debut and his acting skills and choice of films has just improved with movie. As his most awaited film releases today, Chiyaan Vikram; as he is lovingly known as; talks about Iru Mugan and his role in the movie. In an interview with New Indian Express, he revealed how he feels about working even at 50. When asked about his expectation from Iru Mugan, Vikram said, “I sign every film to present something new to the audience, which they have never seen before. The idea is to make a project on a vast scale that everyone would love to see. I like to please my audience and I am thrilled to go to the theatres and watch their reactions.”

Vikram is busy than ever even at the age of 50 and reveals that acting gives him the much needed boost. “I do a lot in one day. Cinema gives me a high. Everyone has vices and movies are mine. From Class 8, I have been in love with the feeling of being on stage. The transition from Kenny to Vikram happened at that age. I still remember how happy I was…it was wonderful. I pursued my dreams relentlessly and now, I am here,” added the south star. (ALSO READ: When Iru Mugan actor Vikram took acting tips from son)

If you look back at Vikram filmography, with films like Anniyan in 2005 and I in 2015 and now Iru Mugan, he plays characters that have a sense of duality. When asked why he has such preferences with roles, he says, “Such characters interest me a lot and I think I am more of an Iru Mugan in real life too. I am Kenny at home and Vikram on sets (grins). Also, I love experimenting with powerful, contrasting, layered and varied roles.”

Vikram also revealed how he decided to do Iru Mugan with Anand Shankar who is barely a film old. “I saw his first film Arima Nambi (2014) and couldn’t believe that was his debut project. I asked Anand if he could work on another story for me. A month later, he brought me a script. He’s an amazing storyteller. Besides the subject, it was the portrayal of characters that made me accept the project. It was quite unconventional and challenging. I gave my 300% and pushed myself to the maximum as an actor and as an individual. Every day was an experience for me,”exudes Vikram. (ALSO READ: Iru Mugan trailer: Vikram surprises with his double take as hero and gay villain! (Watch video)

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