In Ishqbaaz 11 October  2017 episode we see that Abhay gives Tanja the first sip of water and makes her eat chocolates after she completes her Karwa Chauth fast.  She asks Abhay why he is trying to destroy the Oberoi family. He says that he’s trying to destroy them because he is also one of the Oberois. He says that his father was a cousin of Shakti and Tej Singh Oberoi. He was one of the foundations of the Oberoi empire and he did everything in his power to make that company a big name but Taj and Shakti threw his father out of the company. Abhay tells Tanya that his father started to fight for the rights of the people whose family members died in Kalyani mill fire. He asked Tej  and Shakti Singh Oberoi to help those families get back up on their feet after the factory went off to ashes. He says that after his suggestion Tej threw his father Vishal out of the house. He says that his father had his share in Kalyani mills and the Oberoi empire. He says that the luxurious life which Shivaay, Rudra and Omkar have enjoyed was meant for him too.

Shivaay calls Anika and tells her that he has made a plan to know about the truth which Taj amd Shakti are hiding from them. He says that he has organize a memorial to raise more funds for the people who got killed in Kalyani mills fire.  He says that Tej and Shakti are expecting to meet the man who knows the truth about them in the memorial function. He tells Anika that she needs to make sure that all of them are under her observation and they talk about the truth which they have been hiding.

Abhay gets mad at Tanya for not keeping an eye on Shivaay. She tells Abhay that Shivaay has not come home since last night and she doesn’t know where he is.  Abhay gets furious and tells her to correct her mistakes. He says that she should go and find out where he is. She starts yelling at her and says that she should not be so careless with such an important mission. In his fury he hurts her and she leaves with tears in her eyes.

Tanya talks to Anika and tries to find out where Shivaay is. Anica tells her that she is the wife of Shivaay and she should be aware of his whereabouts. She counter questions her about the night of Karva Chauth and says that she went out of the Oberoi house because she was observing a fast for someone else. Tanya gets worried when Anika questions her. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 10 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Abhay Is The New Enemy Of The Oberois)

When the memorial starts because Shivaay was not present in the Oberoi house, Anika addresses the media. Shakti and Tej find an old employee Shukla in the memorial and their doubt turns into fear. They start questioning Shukla and after lots of interrogation he tells Shakti and Tej that the tapes which had the footage of the mills were not destroyed 25 years ago. Tej gets angry with Shukla and says that he specifically gave the tapes to him for burning them down. Shukla tells him that he had no intentions to use those tapes for blackmailing him but a man came to him a few days ago and threatened him. He says that the man took the tapes and he doesn’t even know where the tapes are right now. Anika looks at Shukla running out of the grip of the Taj and Shakti and informs Shivaay about it.