In Ishqbaaz 12 October  2017 episode we see that after getting Bhavya fired from her job, Abhay calls Rudra and tells him that his job is done.  Rudra makes sure that Bhavya doesn’t get a job anywhere else. Rudra then makes his HR manager call Bhavya and ask her to come down to his company for an interview. Rudra hires Bhavya as his personal bodyguard and mocks her. He humiliates her for leaving him and getting married to Manav.

Meanwhile In the Oberoi house Anika tries to stall the memorial because Shivaay is still missing from the scene. Shukla the person who had the tapes about Kalyani Mills looks at Abhay talking to someone and realises that he is the same man who threatened him to give the tapes. He decides to go and find Tej to tell him the truth but before he could find Tej, Abhay reaches him. He gets killed before he could say the truth. Omkar gets furious after realising that everything has gone wrong and he will not be able to reach the person who has been blackmailing him all this while. He starts getting his anger out on Anika and yells at her. He says that it is her mistake that his family still in trouble. He says that she was so busy with her own self that she didn’t notice when someone took Shukla to a corner to kill him. Anika says that he should have been here at the scene if he wanted to prevent such things. She tries to tell him that Tanja broke her phone and she was not even able to call him. They get into a big fight and Shivaay storms off in anger.

Rudra keeps misbehaving with Bhavya and even asks her to pick up his things which have fallen on the ground or which he has the deliberately thrown. When Bhavya bears enough humiliation she tells Rudra that she is quitting. Rudra traps her once again and says that if she chose to quit before three months then she has to deposit thirty lakhs. He mocks her poverty once again and asks her to stay because she has no other option. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 11 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Will Shivaay Know That Abhi Is Trying To Destroy The Oberois?)

Meanwhile Omkar finds a way into Gauri’s house. He looks at her living style closely and feels very sorry for judging her. He feels that he always missed understood her and thought  she is absolutely contradictory to what she portrays to be. A few men come to Gauri’s house and starts taking the furniture out.  Gauri and her mother start begging them for giving a few more days for arranging the money. Omkar then comes forward and says that he will be the new paying guest. He gives them the rent and asks the men to leave.