In Ishqbaaz 13 November  2017 episode we see that all the three brothers decide to reveal the truth to everyone. Shivaay says that walking on the path of truth is difficult but it leads to extreme satisfaction. Rudra says that he is proud of both of his brothers and he has learnt a lot from them. Omkar and Shivaay decide to go to Gauri and Anika to tell them the truth. when Shivaay reaches Anika’s  room he finds her practicing her dance moves. He catches her before she could fall and then doesn’t let her speak.  He says that the story which he told her about the girl in the red dress taking lift from them on their way to Goa, was not true. He says that at that time it was an imaginary story but very soon it came true.  Omkar also goes to Gauri and starts telling her that on their way to Goa they had some drinks. Shivaat keeps on holding Anika’s mouth and says that they met Piya on their way to Goa and they had a few drinks. He apologizes to her and says that he never wanted to hurt her because she is very special to him.

He keeps on saying sorry to Anika and Piya overhears him. She thinks that Shivaay is truly the man of honesty. She tells herself that she made a wrong decision by judging three excellent  men and blaming them for cheating and lying. She decides to give the three Oberoi brothers the pendrive which has the recording of that night in Goa. She thinks that her motive in this house is over and she doesn’t need to prove anything to Anika and Gauri anymore. She talks to Dinky as well and tells her that she misjudged Shivaay, Omkar and Rudra. she says that these three brothers are much more honest then she could ever think about. Shivaay asks Piya to stay for dadi’s birthday celebrations and Piya gets even more smitten with their humble nature. ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 10 November 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Piya Gets Surprised With ShiOmRu’s Honesty)

Meanwhile, Abhay reaches Unnao in Svetlana’s car and gets frustrated with her tantrums. When she stops the car for a washroom break, Abhay goes to the Unnao industrial estate to find out if the unit of Kalyani mills was located there. When he reaches the gate of the industrial area, he finds out that it is locked and there is no way to g inside.