In Ishqbaaz 13 October  2017 episode we see that  Shivaay tries to make sense about everything which happened at the memorial organised in the Oberoi house.  He keeps thinking about Shukla who got injured very badly and tries to find out the man who was behind it. He looks at the video footage from the memorial over and over again but doesn’t find a single clue which could lead him further in the investigation. Suddenly he looks at Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi talking to each other. He overhears their conversation and finds out that someone from amongst them was behind Shukla’s injury. He hears Tej saying that Shukla should have destroyed those tapes 25 years ago. Now the tapes are creating a problem for their empire and it would be very difficult for the Oberois to overcome this hardship.

He listens to them that they are planning to go to Goa to finish this problem once and for all. Shivaay decides to go along with them and packs his bags. Anika finds him going somewhere and tries to know about his plans but Shivaay says that his plan is a little bit too risky for her to know. He says that he would like to go alone and he asks her not to follow him anywhere. Anika thinks that Shivaay is still angry about the fact that she missed a few details in the memorial. She tries to cheer up Shivaay’s mood by dancing and singing songs for him but Shivaay leaves after asking her not to follow him once again. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 12 October 2017 Written Update Of Full Episode: Shivaay Fails To Find The Truth About Kalyani Mills)

Tanya goes to Abhay’s room to give him a cup of morning tea and Abhay once again starts yelling at her for meeting him. He says that if she will keep coming to him every now and then,  then someone will realise that they are connected. Tanya starts to cry and says that she just wanted to give her day a good start by meeting him. She says that she has been doing everything just like he asked her to but still he keeps yelling at her. away realises that yelling would not solve this problem so he tries to emotionally blackmail Tanya he says that things are very difficult for him to and he doesn’t even like staying away from her he says that as soon as this Revenge will be over there will spend some quality time together Tanya promises it to him that she will not make a mistake ever again and will do everything as he asks her to. Anika dresses up in a burqa and put her Hijab over her head. She decides to find out what Shivaay is hiding from her.