In Ishqbaaz 17 July 2017 episode we see that Shivaay tells Anika that there is nothing going on between him and Ragini. He tries to justify that the video she saw was morphed and no such thing happened between them. Anika tries to explain it to him that Ragini is a very cunning person but Shivaay says that she is going through a troubled relationship and needs sympathy instead of hatred. Anika decides to bring her truth in front of everyone.

Gauri misses her mother and takes her picture in her hands. She tells her that she would soon be with her. She says that there is no reason for her to live in the Oberoi house anymore. Omkar comes and asks Gauri if she is alright but she keeps sneezing and he gets his answer. Suddenly she sneezes and the picture of her mother falls on the floor and breaks. Omkar tries to help her pick it up and Gauri loses her temper. She says that he is just behaving nice with her because she revealed the true colours of his Bua in front of him. She says that there is a reason why he is not letting her go. She tells him that she has forgiven him for whichever way he behave with her and he should now let her do whatever she wants. Omkar gets heart broken and leaves.

Rudra also expresses his gratitude towards Bhavya and tells her that she saved his life and he is really glad. But Bhavya creates a drama and breaks his heart deliberately to continue her mission. She says that whenever she comes in front of Rudra she loses her focus and her mission gets delayed.

Khanna brings a parcel to the Oberoi house and ask dadi if it belongs to her. Dadi refuses and sends the parcel to Pinky. Pinky reads the note kept on the parcel but it didn’t say who it belongs to. She then sends the parcel away to Janvi.

Meanwhile inside a hotel room Tej waits for Svetlana and her hot avtar sweeps him off his feet. Suddenly he gets an asthma attack and faints. He tells Svetlana that she can’t reveal it to anyone that he was there with her in a hotel room.

Gauri and Bhavya discuss that Omkara and Rudra are very good people. They are sensitive and they care about the women in their life. But they say that this sudden change of behavior is because of Anika and Shivaay. They both come to a conclusion that Anika and Shivaay must be making them to come closer to Omkar and Rudra. Anika comes and tells them that they might have planned but the actions were not a part of their plan. She tells Bhavya that when Rudra called for help, she came running to him and they didn’t ask Omkar to spend the night outside Gauri’s tent. Gauri tells Anika that Omkar did it because of his duty, not because he wanted to do it. Bhavya also tells Anika that she is making Rudra’s life complicated and she is hurting him again and again. Anika asks Bhavya if her absence would not hurt him then she is free to leave. She also convinces Gauri that Omkar has asked her to leave the Oberoi house many times but it is for the first time that he is asking her to stay.

Anika tells Gauri and Bhavya that these three brothers are very complicated and it is not easy to understand them. Bhavya suggests the same thing to her and tells her that the video of Shivaay making out with Ragini was morphed. They all think that Ragini is behind this plan and they just need some proofs to prove it to everyone that it is her who is creating such troubles. They all gang up and decide that they will reveal Ragini’s truth to Shivaay.

Pinky goes to the hotel where she saw Tej and asks the hotel staff to give the room number in which he is staying. When the hotel staff refuses she offers them bribe. When the hotel staff checks they find no booking in the name of Tej Singh Oberoi. She talks to herself and says that Omkar would have been shocked to know his truth. The hotel staff picks up the name and tells her that there is one room booked in the name of Omkar.

When Gauri enters her room, she finds a big picture of her mother hand painted by Omkar with a note that he did it with happiness not because of guilt. Suddenly she realizes her mistake and decides to apologize to Omkar.

Bhavya also notices that Rudra has ordered some gym equipment for her. She feels bad for misbehaving with him and decides to apologize.

When Anika goes to her room, she finds a gift wrapped for her. When she opens it, she finds a letter from Shivaay which says that he has the right to break only his phone, not hers. He gives her a phone and when Anika picks it up in her hands she feels guilty for what she did to him.

All the Oberoi boys sit and talk to each other. They all crib about the ladies making them feel bad. Suddenly they hear the voice of a little baby crying and they try to find out from where the voice is coming. Suddenly they look at the bassinet lying in the room. They realize that it was it is the same basket which Khanna brought to them. Shivaay decides to open it and finds a small baby lying inside. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 13 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Anika And Shivaay Come Closer To One Another Once Again)

After falling sick Tej comes home. Pinky tried to call Janvi from the hotel but Janvi told her that Tej is coming home. After Tej leaves, Pinky hints it to Jhanvi that Tej has once again started to see Svetlana and she should be aware. She says that she saw them with her own eyes. She gives the car keys to Jhanvi and tells her that it has the tag of the hotel in which Tej was staying and it has the date and the time too.

Shivaay, Rudra and Omkar try to decide whose baby he is. Rudra tells them that Bhavya must have brought the baby for her another undercover assignment. After listening to Pinky, Janvi decides to confront Tej. She very directly asks him if he went to meet Svetlana.

The girls keep knocking at the door but Shivaay, Omkar and Rudra refuse to open it. Bhavya decides to break the door but Rudra opens it at the wrong time. They both smash into each other and she injures Rudra. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz 14 July 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Anika Tries To Expose Ragini’s Mind Games)